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Over 60% of global consumers changed brand preference during COVID-19

Demonstrating that people are taking a closer look at the things they most value, and aren’t as loyal to your brand as you think.
Antonio de Jesus
Antonio de Jesus
3 minutes read
September 22, 2020
3 minutes read
September 22, 2020

Whatever we thought 2020 was going to look like, we were all dead wrong. The rapidly evolving world right now requires us to drop familiar mindsets, learn new skills, develop new habits and let go of old rules of life and making the most of it. This is a new and challenging era for branding.

COVID-19 is drastically Redefining Consumer Behavior, Loyalty and Values - now and forever. Purchasing behavior has changed drastically according to global research by McKinsey Company. And to top it off 65-85% intent to continue their adopted behavior! Explore the data

How to appeal to new consumer behaviors?

It will take more than creative advertising to compete in a fast-changing environment. What are your customers going through? How can you engage and make your message more relatable to them? And as budgets tighten up, why should they purchase from you?

Neil Patel, one of the most influential and recognized growth marketers in the world.

In a new Digital Era, the most Human Brands win! 

As the world grows more connected through new means of communication, people seek more real physical interactions. While technology brings us together in ways we could not imagine, it also isolate us like never before. 

A Human Brand is a social and sociable brand that can be serious, funny, interesting, sarcastic, wise, and confident at the same time. With whom people can have real experiences that go beyond likes and transactions. 


Antonio De Jesus - growth strategist

Influence Minds and Shape Behaviour.

Knowing that people are predictably irrational we’ve developed a proven method to Influence Minds and Shape Behaviour. Find out more about our methodology and HOW we can help your brand excel during this time. 

ANTONIO DE JESUS is Growth Strategist at CAN. Antonio is a Brand Enthusiast who focuses on turning any venture into an admired brand. Typically he'll combine creative growth marketing with best in class strategy, concepts and design to help international A-brands and ambitious challenger brands have an unfair advantage.

Hey, I’m Antonio de Jesus. I’m determined to make 10 businesses on Curaçao, Bonaire and Aruba successful. My only question is: will it be yours?
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